LabGopher was created by two software engineers with experience in data extraction and machine learning. As homelab enthusiasts, we were frustrated with the challenges of using eBay to find the right hardware for our homelab projects. We wanted a better way to eBay, and LabGopher was born. This is the homelab hardware search tool we always wanted to exist for our own projects. We love LabGopher and hope you do too!


LabGopher extracts information from active eBay listings to help you easily find the right hardware for your needs. We have developed parsing tools to filter eBay listings based on the criteria you care about, whether that is price, included storage, or CPU Passmark score.


Labgopher is located in the United States. We have no offices as of yet.


LabGopher’s mission is simple: to help people find good deals on eBay. Homelab hardware has so many specifications and variations that unless you purchase an item often (which is unlikely), it's hard to determine whether any single item is a fair deal. The buyer has to devote a good deal of time and energy to researching the item and assessing similar listings where possible. Even when comparable data is available, it’s challenging for a human to make the optimal purchasing decision. LabGopher uses machine learning to do the work for you, so you get to spend more time on homelab projects and less time searching eBay.


The very first commit to our codebase was in July 2017 and we launched to the public in September 2017.